This guy likes me but never texts first?

So this guy I have known for like one year now, texted me first for like 3/4 times and kept the conversation going. He even sent me a picture of his muscle or six packs to impress me. Suddenly he stopped replying normally, only with ":), lol, cool" I am just like WHAT?!comeon what happened? have no idea. But in real life he does tease me and spends his time with me more than usual. But my question is "Why he stopped texting me?" What happened? He was flirting with me 24/7 through texting even more in real life. Doesn't he like me? What do you think it might happened?


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  • How did you reply to the pictures of his muscles/six pack? The only thing I can think of that might explain him no longer texting is that you replied in a way that indicated you're not interested, so he's just trying to save face. Try sending him something flirty, and maybe that will get things back on track.

    • I think everything stopped after me replying to his pick up line "lool old." his pick up line was "are your feet tired? because you have been running through my mind all day babe."

      :( I just didn't wanted to show that I am really into him...I am playing hard-to-get atm.

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    • OMG love your advices! OK I will try my best and try to show that I am interested (but in real life) because through texting wouldn't work. He is not a big texter as I guess.

    • Good luck! :)

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  • If he does is through texting more than in real life you would probably think he is fake.

  • lol what a fucking tool. Any guy that sends a picture of his abs is so lame.


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