What it means if someone kiss your forehead?

I just noticed my boyfriend sometimes he kiss my forehead,and he always like to hug me when we sleep together he didn't sleep if he didn't hug me. I feel good everytime he do that I feel loved :)


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  • I think it's a sweet, endearing way for him to physically show his love. Actions speak louder than words and I think it's so adorable when my boyfriend does it to me (:

    • Yeah its different feeling if he is doing that to me..

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  • MY GOD, are you just trying to maximize your xper point gains?

    • Why?just don't comment if you have nothing to say,u join here to ask question and advice not to gain lots of xper because I'm not in competition...maybe you do.

    • God you are such a troll, why did i even respond to your question.

  • It means what you want it to mean. The most direct answer would be to ask him. Perhaps he does that to a lot of his ex girlfriends. Doesn't mean he loves you any more or less.

    • We live together already sorry forgot to mention it..

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