How do I get him interested again? How do I know if he's busy or over it?

So last year I started dating a guy whom I worked with. Things went very very slow to start off. It was very apparent the he was really into me. We dated for about four months, we never had a sexual relationship. Just spending the night and going out on dates. I even briefly met his mother. I ended up moving for a job and ended things shortly after (which we both agreed on). One reason being I wanted to focus in my new job and the other being I didn't want to hold him back. He ended up moving out if state for a new job and we didn't talk at all for about 6 months. Finally I contacted him and to make a long story short I was supposed go to visit for a few days. Things happened and he had to come back home for a few days so I didn't go. He did however stay with me for a couple days and we finally sealed the deal. Things felt like they used to. And he also told me he plans on moving back. I am extremely into him, always have been. I never should've ended things in the first place. So I guess my question is how do I really know he still has feelings for me? He's never actually said it since we started talking again and sometime I feel like he doesn't from how much we don't really talk. But at the same time I know he's extremely busy and has a lot of responsibility between work and life. I want to be with him if he comes home and I don't know how to make it happen without coming off desperate I guess. Maybe I'm thinking too much into it I don't know.


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  • girls should not worry about coming off as desperate, that's a man's worry

    he's into you, but busy, let him know via text some day you are here for him by saying this:

    "hey there, I miss you, I miss talking to you some times, I know you are busy, so that's why some times I don't initiate, but know that I'm here for you whenever you need or want to reach out to me, have the best day ever, love..."


    damn, I'm good

  • I had a similar affair with a young lady. We did love each other but we was always busy an couldn't never spend time together. Sex was maybe 1x every other month so I felt she wasn't into sex always an excuse. We broke up on good terms an 6 months later she wanted to get back together an felt the same way but I wanted a more of a sexual relationship an when I seen thing going into the same routine I became distant. I wanted more then just going out an being friends an once in awhilehave sex. So I would say up the sex game an see how he acts then ask this question.

    • Haha Id love to up the sex game but he's two states away. I'm assuming you mean when he moves back?

    • Yes, that's what I mean

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