Is he right or am I being manipulated?

I have been seeing this guy for almost 2 months now. We are 30. For the first month he texted me every single day pretty much all day, even during his busy work day. Holidays came around and while he still texted a lot we were both on vacations with our families so it died down some (understandable). We are now back to our regular routines and he now barely texts me at all (although we do still go out on dates). Instead of texting he calls me to ask me out on dates, which I do like. When he calls me he says he misses me and cute things like that. But now there's no cute texts or anything in between like he used to do.

This past week I told him that he didn't have to go out with me if he didn't want to because I felt like he was forcing it due to the lack of communication or the excitement that he usually showed to see me. He called me and said (in a nice way) that I need to stop assuming the worst. OK. So then I met him for the date. At dinner he jokingly kept calling me "crazy" and "assumer" because I was over analyzing everything, which I try so hard not to do. However, when I am used to hearing from him a lot and then it goes to basically nothing what am I supposed to think? I did express that to him and then he went into every detail about his weekend and said it had nothing to do with me he was just busy. After dinner he texted me that he had a great night with me and that I am great with a smiley face. That was Tuesday and he has not initiated a text since. I have twice texted him and he responds right away but no initiation.

My question is is this normal to go from texting a lot to not at all and calling only to set up dates? He has always been a busy person but still found time to text. Am I really over analyzing? Lol



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  • Yes Hun you are definitely overanalizing it. Yes he is right. He is now calling you vs texting which I think any girl would prefer. It means he wants to hear your voice and not just do impersonal text messaging all the time. And you telling him he doesn't have to go out with you screams insecurity, and that's really not attractive. And when he does call you he tells you he misses you and tells you cute things. He is doing everything right my friend.

    You need to try(and believe me I know its hard) to stop being insecure because you might very well scare him off. Texting or calling it doesn't matter he is still communicating which is the important thing here.