Does he want his son to think we are just friends?

Ive been seeing a guy for 8 months, and things are wonderful. He has a 23 year old son who lives with him. Ever since we met he has been really cautious in regards to his son seeing us do anything really intimate together. We are not intimate around him except for cuddling on the couch and last night was the first night we fell asleep cuddling on the couch it got so uncomfortable he said, lets go into my bedroom and lie down there and just keep the door wide open.

I really don't think he is trying to make his son think we are just friends, the guy is 23 a grown man and isn't dumb, no matter what little pda we display, and he has told me how his son has mentioned to others how he "really likes his dads gf."

I TOTALLY understand, respect and admire what he is doing I'm just not sure WHY he is doing it and would like any advice. thank you


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  • I'm not at all clear what you expect to be different. Do you feel like he is stiff and unaffectionate with you when his son is around. Isn't cuddling intimate enough to do when family is around? I don't think I would do more than that around family. I also don't understand when you make a distinction between agreeing with what he'd doing but questioning why he's doing it.


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