What does this mean with online dating profiles?

whats it mean on an online dating profile if says this person is looking for new friends? the four groups are new friends, long term dating,short term dating and casual sex.


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  • No idea.

    I guess some people fill in that option because they are embarrassed about being on a dating site and that way can always point out that they are "just looking for friends" to whoever recognizes them online...

  • It means what it says. If someone checks that only, they are saying they have interest in anything more than friendship. If they check that alone with dating, they usually mean that they are open to a friends first, relationship later kind of arrangement. I have made lasting friends online with women when it didn't work out romantically. However, I don't think that they had friendship as one of their options. If I write to a woman who I don't feel compatible with by I like and want to contact only as possible friend, I almost never hear back. I suspect they really are not looking for friends only. I have no idea if the same thing applies to men.


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