Do people who lives in or around NYC find it hard date the right person?

I've been doing online dating (Okcupid) for quite sometime now (2 years), but I have no luck whatsoever. Went to countless first dates but it's either they aren't interested or I'm not. There were only two guys who I went on 2nd dates and more. They both ended up telling me that that they aren't in a great place in life to date.. depressed.. and blah blah.

Do people who lives in or around NYC find it hard date the right person or I just have really horrible dating experiences? I'm a 26 female, who has an above average look and slimmer figure. I have a good career, both mentally and physically healthy, however, I feel like I keep run into people who have problems.

Guys and girls are both welcome to answer it! Share your dating experiences!


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  • I'm in NY but in the hudson valley area and the girls are anything but relationship material.

    I'm 29 with an apartment and 2 jobs while working out at the gym 5-6 days a week. Even having what I mentioned is honestly not enough for the women around here. Basically my experiences have been things like these

    I met 2 girls off pof the other night back to back. First one gave me outdated photos and she was much fatter than what she sent me. We met at Planet Fitness and I walked on a treadmill for 20mins feeling like my time was wasted.

    Later that night I met another girl and the first thing she starts talking about when she gets outta the car is how she's planning to move to Florida and how much she hates this area.

    Other weird stories...

    A contact immediately ranting about her ex and how she wants to find someone to move in with and how she wants the finances to be(2nd phone call... no meet). Like seriously... this kinda talk's like something for at least 6 months down the road in a commitment.

    An OKC girl I talked on the phone with was drunk for both conversations claiming to be so great and awesome while she told me how she's fighting for custody of her kid and how she had the kid when she was having sex while stoned and was too lazy to take a morning after pill. Totally did not meet her.

    Another OKC girl I talked to, we Skyped a bunch, met for pizza, she disappeared off to college. When we met she acted like she had a tail between her legs scared as hell. She seemed like she was socially awkward mostly.

    Weirdest OKC meet was years ago though when I got like... totally catfished. Worst sex ever after driving through what felt like half of new york. Long story short I woke up in her broken down house while she was trying to cute-talk me all affectionate telling me I need to eat cheeseburgers.

    Those are some I can think of off the top of my head. The rest of the girls I would contact don't want to exchange numbers and whenever I would suggest wanting to meet up they stop replying or tell me they don't want to and think I am gonna keep emailing them when it would be a waste of my time.

    • Ew... people suck. Sorry to hear your stories.

      I live in Queen but work in Manhattan. I feel like people here just want to fuck around. No one around my age knows what they want and they think it's OK walk away after dating a person for quite sometime by saying..."oh sorry, I'm not in a great place in life right now... goodbye and farewell". Yet, keeps dating around to mess more people up emotionally.

      You sound you have your things together though!

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    • Yeah, I heard some girls do that. Some dumb guys love the drama though... Seriously. I disable my profile as well because I find them very confusing and don't mean what they say. They act like they want a relationship, but they ended things like I don't mean anything to them. To this day, I still not really sure what I did wrong to made them stop liking or dating me. That's why I also feel that they are also "shopping" for girls purely for sex.

    • Sounds like you were doing the right thing and they were not.

  • Ha same here I've been using that site for only a short time and have had no luck so I totally under stand . The people in that city live in one of the most densely populated places on earth human contact is hard to avoid in every day life so I think it shouldn't be to difficult right

    • NYC has so many things to do all the time, and it's fast pace lifestyle makes people care less about each other I feel. People think it's acceptable to treat others like crap when it's not okay to do so. All of my friends, both guys and girls, couldn't find a good person to date. It's just depressing. I wish people can have more respect to each other. It's so difficult and it's crazy to believe.

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    • Ha... I find the guys online very confusing and mulnipulating. They act like they have their lives together and want a relationship. After couple months of dating, one day out of no where they cut you off like you are some stranger on the streets. I treat them nothing but nice, however, they acted like I don't mean anything to them. Really sucks.

    • Tell me about it, girls online aren't much different

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