We made out, now he's backed off...

So to make a long story short...

Boy meets girl, at work, where we both work.

Boy initially barely speaks to girl

Then boy starts having an increasing frequency of conversations with girl

Boy asks girl to hang out on break one day

Boy starts inviting girl to occasional after work hangouts

Boy compliments girl semi frequently, not on her looks but more on her intellect, says he respects her etc.

Boy and girl go to big after work hangout with group, boy and girl leave at same time, boy invites girl to hit another bar with him

Boy and girl are pretty dang drunk, boy and girl make out

Boy calls himself blackout the next day, but asks, did we make out? Girl sheepishly says yup, boy smirks and says just checking

Boy and girl continue as normal at work though now boy playfully teases her like a little boy would, pulling her ponytail, smacking her with towels, etc

But boy doesn't invite girl out anymore and boy then avoids her like plague at company party and doesn't speak to her until he's had a few, but still makes no special attempt at seeking her out

What the hell is going through boys head?



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  • That is best written question of all time...

    ...And the Isaac Newton award for best question on a social network, chat, blog, twitter, Facebook, goes to...

    • But for real though, I'm very confused...lol

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  • Fun and games kinda guy? I always have this fear for myself and I've been avoiding guys in my 20s!

  • he's not serious about you.