Keep It Simple ! Best Advice For Getting Girls??

I just had this realization in my head the other day that, underneath all the crap and excuses and worries and fears and complications about getting the girls we want, maybe the best advice of all is just...go for it. Like, keep it simple, don't think about it and it, almost without emotions, without thinking what will happen and just ask her out and do whatever you want. Like eating a meal, you it. You don't think about how the food will feel or who cooked it or how it's going to be digest by your body system. You just ACT. Like a machine, you just DO.



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  • The best advice that I can give is yes, keep it simple but TALK TO HER. The best approaches I've ever had were not pick up lines, or a guy telling me I was beautiful. Nope, it was finding something that we had in common and talking to me like I'm a regular human being. It makes the girl feel like she isn't being approached solely for her appearance (even if she is) and it's easier to see if we'd have anything in common and if I have any interest in you that way.

    If somebody comes up to you and is like "oh yeah, you're really good looking" it's like okay.. cool thanks I guess, but if someone comes up to you and is like "oh, so you're a fan of ____" or even something stupid like "you eat tomatoes too?" it's a better basis to go off of. At least then you have something in common.

    That's my advice anyway. Just go up to her and do it, but start a decent conversation don't just be like "you wanna go out sometime?" out of the blue and be surprised when she says no. At that point you're nothing but some random guy to her


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  • This is a very good article on how to keep it simple and just avoid the things that most guys do that put girls off of them: link

    The trouble with most guys is really just that they try way too hard.

    As well though, many guys don't look after their appearances. Going to the gym and getting in shape is the best and the easiest way to become more attractive - plus the obvious health benefits.

  • I think you are right on track, there. If you master that, I think you've mastered dating.

  • Yeah, that is the basis of all good advice in a nutshell. I can't count how many times I've told people to just knuckle down and do it, man up and do it, shut up and just do it...

    The issue is getting the guys who are too scared, too hostile, too angry, too immature, too in-their-head, too in-their-own-way, too nervous... to just do it.

    Telling those guys to just do it, is as meaningless as a Nike commercial.