Why do girls keep disappearing?

I a lot of online dating and I would have to say that when I DO manage to open up communication with a girl, it is almost GUARANTEED that after a few messages getting to know each other she simply stop. No more replies, no explanation, just a sudden excommunicato with out a so much as a "No thank you."

Why do girls keep doing this? Is it just girls? Am I to blame? What is it that I could be saying or doing to make this keep happening?

I don't think I'm saying anything creepy or such to drive them away. I like to think I'm self conscious enough not to do that, but after all this time being the only common denominator makes me wonder.


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  • A lot of girls are just making profiles for attention without any intentions of meeting up. This is why I don't email long on the site at all.

    I ask for a number within 3-5 emails. A lot of the time they get scared and makeup excuses like how it's scary and all that shit. So I stop replying. This allows me to skip over all the girls that are fakes and not actually looking to date. After that I try to plan a time to meet up within a week or so. There are mature women who do meet up with me and even then, they can disappear after one date even. But at least it was in person and not fake over the internet bullshit.

    Just give a few lines, grab her number, and while planning a meet, get more numbers. When I used to do this over POF I'd have 3 numbers texting at once. 2 stopped replying and one met up. So if I was investing all these texts into just one girl it could have been one of the ones who wouldn't meet up with me.

    So basically what I am saying is don't try to "get to know them" super well like most of the girls try to do. Little tid bits about them is OK but you'll get to the point where you'll have nothing to talk about in person. There's nothing creepy about wanting to date someone on a dating site. That's the idea... dating. But most of the girls online have just turned it into a social media outlet where they get tons of emails from guys calling them pretty(when a lot of them are actually overweight and take misleading photos too). Any girl who pulls that "scary creeper" card is a crybaby and even if she met a creeper, she probably' didn't use common sense like meeting publicly for coffee, or she's one of those dinner date thieves who is looking for a free meal.


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  • You might simply be boring them. A lot of guys ask the same boring old questions, the girls obviously get tired of it. You probably need to flirt more, and try to meet them more quickly. A lot of girls hate it when guys take forever to ask them out, so just do it.

  • Not sure I can tell you online dating is a lot about appearance, profile should include a bit of cockiness.

    I have more success with women that actually view my profile, random messages out usually go mixed in with the rest of their messages.

    Girls say some really dumb stuff to me also and I ignore it or if I'm not attracted I ignore it. Sometimes if you say no thank you they get all irritated probably why they decline to say anything as well.

  • If you're making odd remarks that might drive away some girls ,but if your not a creep it's probably because they all of a sudden don't want you I've had that happen before.