What are some good reasons to text someone?

I want to text a friend that I just met just to talk but I feel like I need a "better" reason to text her. Any ideas?


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  • You don't need a better reason to text her! Girls love it when a guy texts them, and it's always great to know you were on someone's mind. Just ask her something that's sort of a question, like asking how her weekend was or what she's up to. That way she'll almost definitely reply, and it'll be easier to get a conversation going over text.


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  • You don't ever need a "better" anything reason to text someone that you either have just met or even know now. I must say, it is very refreshing to even know there are still guys out there who want to still push a few buttons, because many of the many "text toms" today are not all into texting, and calling seems next to null and void. If it doesn't deal with booty or to their convenient schedule, they don't feel it's worth their "time of text."

    Go ahead and send the message of your lifetime. I'm not saying it has to be mushy and gushy, but just anything to brighten a friend's day, could even be as simple as: Hi, how are you?":))xx


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