Did I do the right thing by cutting her off? (Semi long)

met this girl online and we've been texting for 2 weeks now. we finally decided to start phone calling and she's addicting to talking to me on the phone and she admitted she likes me. However.. she has a loud mouth and always speaks her mind and always gushes over how cute her guy friends are. I always tell her "Uh __ you know you and I are talking right?" and she always goes "i know, and I like you, I just got a loud mouth and I could never date them anyway"

Anyway her answers are always suspicious, so I did something really effed up but interesting, I started talking to her on the dating site we met on, but as a fake account. Anyway I asked her questions about her experience on the site and her love life, and yeah she said she likes me BUT she also admits she likes these 2 other guys she's met from the site, to top it off she likes them MORE then me, they have more common interests, make her smile more, and she thinks I'm a bit too quiet etc etc

Anyway that same day I texted her that I'm no longer interested and she freaked out (in a concerned way) wondering what was going on. I told her a bit of the above info I found out in a sly way, and "what do you even see in me? besides you got those 2 other guys who are better then me" she kept saying stuff like " what are you talking about? why won't you believe me that I have feelings for you?"

So did do the right thing, or should I have continued to pursue her anwyay?

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She also said she would date them, and she's waiting on them to ask her out, but for the most part all 3 of them are busy


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  • Haha, by not being honest you basically asked to be hurt. It really didn't matter whether she likes other people. I can like 5 guys but that doesn't mean I will pursue every one of them. You just need to focus on you and her and how you can get her to like you to the point where she will say yes to you for a relationship above the others. Liking other people isn't a crime, you can also get to know other girls and see who is best matched to you. BUT besides that, you weren't being honest and it seems that the relationship with her didn't get off to a good start so you shouldn't keep pursuing her.

    • What do you mean in your first line by not being honest I was asking to be hurt?

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    • Lets assume I never found out about her and the other guys, but obviously it's still going on between her and them, would it be worth pursuing in my position?

    • Yeah, if you keep in mind that there will always be other guys for her and other girls for you.

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  • She sounds childish cut your losses and move on!

  • Sounds very childish on both your parts. Wasted energy.

  • Yeah you gotta stand up for yourself


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