Is it okay to miss him after meeting for the first time?

Please don't judge me, just asking a question here. So I met him yesterday at his place for the first time. Before that we talked online from OkCupid the dating site, texted and talked on the phone for over a hour. We were both shy and nervous at first when I got to his place. To break the ice, we talked in his kitchen and he made me a cup of tea. Took some time but he did kiss me which led to the bedroom.

We fool around and afterward I got upset, couldn't hide it. He kept asking what was wrong and caressing me. Told him it want him, and I told him what was worrying me. He was very affectionate and listened to what I had to say. When it was time to for me to go he kissed me goodbye. I texted him when I got home to let him know I got home safe. And we text more that night. He had asked me what I liked about him so far and I tell him, then I ask what he likes about me and he says cause, I am honest, cute, genuine and wear my heart on my sleeve. It has got to be nicest and sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

He knows I never had a boyfriend, and that I still live with my parents, and he said he is okay with that. I can tell he cares and everything, I'm not used to someone feeling that way about me and it scares me. He knows that. He knows that I haven't that special kind of affectionate. Even after everything that has been said he still wants to see me and get to know me more.

So because of everything I just said, could that be the reason why I miss him? When is it okay for me to tell him I miss him?


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  • dont tell him you miss him yet.

    its more gratifying when he tells you that first. men don't like clingy women. and plus they don't like to be pressured into saying something to be nice and say it back to you. so just wait for him

    and its totally natural for you to miss him, you found that spark. don't let it burn out by rushing into something and saying strong words like that. I read a book called "the rules " has many sucess stories that even result in marriage. read it , it tells you how to act when you meet a man and how to keep him.

  • It is totally OK that you miss him it shows how much you like him. I would suggest you to not tell him that you miss him so early, because then he maybe thinks that you are clingy. So be a little patient :p maybe he will say it to you first