Met a really cool guy on Facebook we went out and things turned cold, what happened?

Last year a guy from college started chatting with me on Facebook, we chatted a lot and talked about many things, we have many things in common and sometimes he made some comments that made me though that he wanted to be more than a friend (" you are very smart, you' re so funny, I'm glad you have a good day") . I don't like to keep friendships or relationships only on fb, so I kept waiting for the day he would ask me out, he left some hints but was too shy to ask it directly. One of the things we had in common is we love to exercise, specifically we love jogging, so I said to him once that I wanted to go to the park the next day to jog but that I didn't wanted to go alone, he said he would go with me. We saw each other and it was really cool, we exercised and then we talked fluently like for 3 hours about college, music, movies, food and even about football. It is that kind of conversations in which you know that both parts are having a good time, we even had a running competence and he let me win, after that he told me he ought me a pizza because I

beat him. We said goodbye and he said "we are talking", so I was really happy because I thought that something would happen and I accepted I kind of like the guy, but the truth is that after that he didn't left any message on fb. After one week I say hey! And he answered as normal, we talk for a while so I thought things were normal. Later I asked him when he would pay me the pizza, but instead of specifying a certain day he said "someday I'll pay it to you". After that I haven't chat with him and he hasn't sent a message either. I'm really confuse, I don't know what happened and why even the friendship is gone. I don't mind if he only wants to be my friend but at least I want to talk to him.


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  • Online dating is like that. People talk online and open up about each other. They develop a kind of relationship and start to get interested. When they meet they discover that the other person is different than the one they built up in their mind. Different isn't always a bad thing but it still feels like a disappointment. People often lose interest at this point. It happens a lot and many people learn to do as you did, that is to meet before they become too close online. It saves a lot of trouble in the end.

    On the other hand, there can be all sorts of unrelated reasons why he lost interest. One is that he met someone shortly after he met you. You probably will never find out what the reason is. I think your take on this is probably accurate: you both became interested, your get together went well but he lost interest for some reason and is not interested in simple friendship.


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