Two slightly similar girls, which would you choose?

I'm going to describe two females without any links to pictures, I'd like to know peoples preferences and how they would choose, try and imagine coming across these two similar girls and you have chemistry with them both equally... how would you choose, which would you choose?

Girl A: 5'6, creamy white flawless skin, almond shaped brown eyes with long lashes, short natural brown shoulder length thin curly hair, glasses, thin upturned nose, thin lips, deepish voice for a girl, very intelligent, college degree in process, works with the mentally challenged, can cook and bake just about anything, not very social and will only answer questions with short answers, keeps the house clean and puts home chores first before going out and having fun, doesn't like your friends but will tolerate them for you, likes dogs and allergic to cats, would rather spend time with own family rather than yours, pear shaped body (heavier of the two), size D bra, nice smile, wealthy family, ready for kids and marriage any time.

Girl B: 5'5, hazel eyes, long straight dyed brownish/blonde hair, hourglass shape (but chubby) B cup, great butt, long shapely legs, beautiful smile, deepish voice, social, not as smart and tends to say things that make you ask "what?", prefers cats over dogs but likes both, loves your family more than her own, would rather hang out than do chores but is a clean person, lacks self confidence, very generous, very caring, works at a deli, can't cook but can bake, spontaneous, loves to travel, doesn't want kids or marriage until her thirties.

So... whose the better choice? A or B?

The point is not to post pics. out of respect for these girls and to save my own ass. If you don't want to answer then so be it. There are plenty of other questions on this site, move on.


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  • All you stated was a resume, what about their personality?

    All those things are great to have to get a foot in the door, but what makes relationships last are having similar communication styles, conflict resolution styles, and balance each other out. Perhaps, you have good traits that balance out her bads and vice versa. Figure that out first, then choose :-) OH wait..this is how a female would choose..

    if I were a man..

    show me the photos! I need some cushion for the pushin. Without looks I cannot date them.


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  • If you're between two girls, and wondering which to choose, then neither of them really stand out for you. Throw them both back, and go fishing again.


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  • I would choose girl B between the two girls described.

  • I would choose the first but its the deep voice that throws me off.

  • Post pics. Description can fool you

  • I'm not blind, I'm a man - I use my eyes to make the choice.

    That's how it is, Sorry. Post pics and I'll have an opinion in seconds. Without the pictures, they are just words.