Should I/how to ask him to visit 1st time?

So I met this guy on this online game and we ended up becoming friends and now we're in a relationship. Friends for 3 months, dating for one 1/2. We text everyday and Skype sometimes.

The problem is we live in two different states and have not met in person yet.

I know, but he hasn't directly said he loves me. But if he loved me, wouldn't he want to visit me? I feel weird and want to meet him in person before it gets more serious.

Whenever I hint at the possibility of him visiting he doesn't seem too interested. And I don't want to make him visit if he doesn't want to. I know he can afford it.

So should I ask him now to visit? If so, how do I bring it up without seeming overbearing/too intense?

Or should I wait for a few more months to pass together before asking?

Btw we're both 18, I'm a senior and he's in a gap year with a part time job.


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  • I don't see how you can claim to be 'dating' someone you've never been on a date with. Him balking at a visit is a MAJOR red flag. I think you do owe it to ask him to ask him outright. Your "hints" may go over his head. Who cares if he takes it as overbearing? To me, I wouldn't hesitate at all to visit someone I was supposedly interested in.


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  • You should be upfront about it and state that you want to meet in person before it gets any more serious; you don't want the constant dread of a disappointing meeting ruining everything you worked so hard for. But you shouldn't state that you expect him to pay to visit you if he's already reluctant.


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  • How are you in a relationship without meeting him in person? I don't get it.

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