A girl tried to kiss me, I was oblivious at the time, and found out the next day. What are my options?

The title is a very short summary.

I was at a party dancing, and gave my phone to someone for them to take a picture of me and this girl. So, I was looking at the camera. The next dat, I see a photo where this girl is leaning towards me, head titled, eyes closed, ready for a kiss. I was looking the other way at the time and had NO idea she was doing this. In the next picture she too is facing the camera with a smile and a thumbs-up. If I'd seen her I definitely would have kissed back.

Over the course of the night I had not picked up any signals from her or anything - though that doesn't necessarily mean they weren't there. It was the first time we'd met, so I don't have her number but we are Facebook friends.

So should I message her on Facebook and try to ask her out? Speak to a mutual friend and see if she's actually interested?

(she's far more attractive than me so it could have ust been the alcohol talking)

Leave it forever? She could be mad at me for turning down the kiss, because she doesn't know I wasn't aware of her advances.

The real kicker here is that it would've been my first kiss..I'm not sure when/if something like will happen again...


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  • Aww man that sucks! If I were you I would meet up with her again, and go from there

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