Does any one of any online dating success stories they would like to share?

Does anyone have any online dating success stories they would like to share? As in any success stories of successful short-term and long-term dating relationships online? Not only that but what are some major reasons why there would not be many of them, and what would be some possible solutions to that problem. All detailed answers are candidates for a best answer award

Also how could real-world dating be any better than online dating it's real people just online?


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  • I met my guy on tinder and we have been extremly happy since :) I mean it wasn't easy going thrue profiles and stuff and him and I both talked to tons of people. Then one day he messaged me and I was completly uninterested. He then said something funny and the the rest is pretty much history. He have been together over 8 months and are honstly completly happy I know I am and he says he is often :) \

    I don't know about reasons it wouldn't other then when istarted I just kept saying this is so stupid! I have no prolem meeting guys but I'm really picky. online dating gives you that luxury without rejecting guys constantly. you also get to find out a few things you have in comon right off the bat. ( my boyfriend and I had tons in common)

    • i was writing from my phone so please ignore the horrible spelling and grammer lol

    • I hate it when girls so picky and are reluctant to message.

    • im picky in everyday life. so I can't help it lol but the right girl will message you or reply when you message her :)

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  • I don't think it's a success story.

    Last year, I was having a thing with a guy, it ended up really badly so I used online dating for a month and half and met many guys just for sex. Until I met this guy, it was supposed to be like the other, just sex, except that we got along so well. he asked me the next day if I wanted to try something serious, be his girlfriend and see if it works out. Six month later, we're stil together, we live together, he's the man of my life and we love each other like crazy :)

    • What site did you use and also, how many profiles did you have to go through and how many messages did you have to send the find him?

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    • you have to show different and nice pics, it's one of the first thing girls will look. And try to be original when you talk to them, say something about her profile to show that you're not writing the same dozens message

    • Ok

  • Hahaha mine is NOT a success. I was talking to a guy for a few months, decided to meet him at the local mall 'cause it's a public place. I had pepper spray in one pocket and a pocket knife in the other JUST in case.

    I told him I didn't want a legit relationship until we met in person. So we meet and to get from the entrance to the mall to the food court you have to go by 4 jewelry stores (crazy lot I know) and he pulled me into one and showed me a set. It consisted of 2 pair of ruby earrings, a ruby ring, and a ruby necklace. He then pulled out his wallet and was going to buy it for me and while he was pulling out his wallet he said the dreaded L word and I flipped out and just walked away. Never saw him again.

    Why aren't there many success stories? Because stuff like this happens.

    • What the heck is the L word?

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    • Well you were the one who said you wanted a serious relationship when you saw him

    • Pft yeah but you don't go spouting that off lol. My current boyfriend wasn't like, "Hey will you be my girlfriend? I love you!" We waited 6 months to say that haha

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