Would you be okay with your significant other hanging out with an ex?

Would you be okay with your significant other hanging out/talking with an ex?

Let's assume that there are no feelings involved anymore...

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  • Nope there is no need they are with you now... to me there is history and will always be something maybe not feelings but something

    • Very true. Even if there are no current feelings, there can be a lot of history. I think it makes perfect sense to make either partner feel uncomfortable. I have someone that I had some history with, and we never actually dated, but we had feelings for each other. He's only a friend now, but is stationed at the same post as my husband and we all hung out and my husband is just not comfortable with it, and I understand why.

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  • Exes are in the past for a reason. There is a reason they didn't work out. Neither of us converse with exes if it makes the other uncomfortable. A relationship with an ex is far less valuable than our marriage.

  • Nope. The people of your past didn't make it to your future for a reason. That's just drama that he doesn't need to be bringing into our relationship.

  • I put yes but that's only the case if they keep in contact and are still friends. Maybe not close friends, but you know keep in touch.

    If it was just an out of the blue meeting then I'd be a little wary

  • Nope but I'm a really jealous person. If there was no feelings involved then I think for a normal person it would be fine but if you are jealous then it would probs drive you mad and it would just create drama.

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