What should I do to make him want to text me first just because?

I've been texting a rather shy dude and I like him and he seems to like me back; we've been flirting and he asks me a lot of questions while not sharing much about himself. I was always the one texting him first and when I tell him to text me again after a conversation, he does it. However he's never the one to initiate unless I tell him to directly. Does this mean he's just being polite or am I just over thinking things? What should I do to make him want to initiate texting me just because?

Note: We've never met in real life yet we joke around in our texts.


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  • Advice: don't get involved with someone you haven't met, it's not worth it. In this situation, without any real way of knowing anything, what you should be asking yourself is why doesn't he text you first? The only explanation isn't him being shy or polite or you over thinking things; maybe he simply doesn't think about you that much or care. So before wasting your time and developing feelings for a guy who might just be enjoying you as a temporary distraction, I suggest you just cut it off and find someone you can have real contact with.


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