Is it wrong if we were on break, I was dating other guys?

my recent ex seemed to lose interest and didn't really defend me when I needed it or protected me. all in all, he became an asshole or he was good at hiding it.

so I started the break up and...

our last conversation was this approximately

me: you just didn't try

him: I've been thinking for awhile, I don't want to hurt you

me: yeah I know, I'm seeing someone else already

he's better than you in a lot of ways

him: whatever

was it a good thing or a bad thing?

I think it's good cause he didn't care after 3 years apparently


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  • To me, a break is either a complete break-up or just taking time apart from each other. If the former, you should be allowed to date because you've broken up. If the latter, you should only date if you are not even considering going back to the other person. If you were just taking some time apart to see how much y'all would miss each other, how much you need each other, etc. then I don't think it's right to date other people until the break-up is 'official'. It sounds to me that y'all were broken up and it was best you found someone else who treats you like how you want to be treated.


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  • There is no such thing as a break meaning punching out a time card for lunch and punch back in when your full of the escape from work.

    If you wanted a break up from him then it must be a good thing. Meaning it wasn't right to begin with. so whatever is right in my mind too.

  • it seems weird that you're trying to convince him that the boyfriend you have now is better. It's like you're trying to make him jealous, and it's so obvious. It also implies that you're still thinking about your ex in a comparative way to your new guy friend.

    • we all compare. it's more painful being with him because he just wasn't interested like in the beginning and became a jerk

  • It's time to move on.

  • Was there an actual breakup conversation...or did you just say some emotionally-fueled sentences during an argument and decided to CHEAT on your boyfriend, aiming to justify it now?

    • lol I said 'I don't think this is going to work out'

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  • No.

    Although being on a break means you're working things out.

    So I'm guessing things didn't work out.