Are me and this guy moving too fast?

I just got out of a relationship like two months age, that relationship was honestly a waste... No affection no communication it was just a hot mess and I literally wasted my time. I met this new guy at the mall. We exchanged numbers and talked. We've hung out three times since meeting, we already act like a couple, we kiss, he holds my hands, met some of his friends in a 3 week span... We talked about it and he was like "personally we are moving faster than I expected, but when two people know what they what than what's the problem?" I guess he was basically asking me out but I told him lets take our time. I do like the guy, I haven't laughed and been this happy with a guy before. We both realized were going fast, while in the beginning we both said we would take things slow lol


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  • Sometimes when things work - they just work. When my wife and I just started dating (like 2 months into it) we just started talking about our marriage. It was weird and I freaked out, but I guess in retrospect sometimes it's just natural.


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