Guys please help! I need help asap! Am I needy/desperate? Should I text him again?

I asked him to hangout so I can pay him back a favor... (He did me favors twice!)

I asked him to hangout on Wednesday's night.

He texted me back "I wish I could but I have my first test on Thursday!"

I texted back "Maybe just dinner other day when you're free?"

He texted, "Yeah Well actually I could probably go on Wednesday I guess. I can study before and after I guess"

I texted him "Are you sure? I don't want you to blame me if you didn't do good on the test Haha"

He texted: "Haha how about I let you know on Wednesday?"

I texted: "Sure! I wish you can go :)"

One of my friend told me. He doesn't want to hang out with me due to he said "NO" first. But he said "YES" because I kept bothering him by asking him to hang out other time in the second text.. :(

1. Is my friend right?

2.Does he wants to hangout with me?

3.Do I look like a needy/desperate?

4.If I don't hear back from him, should I text him and ask if he still want to hangout?


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  • 1) Your friend is just a pessimist.

    2) Yes.

    3) YES

    4) You will hear from on Wednesday. Stop trying to over plan for every possible contingency. It's part of your neediness.


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  • 1. I highly doubt that. He has a test, easy as that. Plus, he said "I wish I could" which would be a downright lie, and unless he's a pathological liar, (doubtful) he wouldn't do that, because it would encourage you. He probably really did want to.

    2. no way to know that for sure until Wednesday.

    3. you will if you keep texting... it's borderline right now. Just wait and see if he texts you.

    4. not until Wednesday afternoon. If he remembers and says something, that's one thing, but if you keep bringing it up, it will be too desperate. If it doesn't work out, give it a few days, and see if you can make plans for the next week sometime.

  • 1. It is possible.

    2. Maybe he wants, maybe not.

    3.Yes a little because he said he has a test so why can't you just be patient and ask him later or the next week like why do you rush things?

    4.If you don't hear from him back then you shouldn't text him again and ask if he still want to hangout. This is waaay too much lol girl do you even have pride? Haha relax why do you like to rush?