Is it that bad to date a roommate? Is the relationship possible?

So recently a new guy moved in the apartment I live he is friend of one of my roommates and I feel quite attracted to him.

I can spot when a guy is into me and I can see the way he looks at me and talks to me there is something we have a lot of chemistry So if I let things take their natural course they will progress for sure the thing is I read loads of stories about why you should never ever ever ever ever date a roommate and they make sense I'm pretty aware of the risks

So should I avoid these and control my feelings before it's too late or keep going and see where it leads.


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  • Just go with the flow and do what you think is the best for you, but keep in mind what happens if you date him but then you break up and stuff...he is still a roommate :p so I don't know how you can get over him and blabla, but if you think it will last then good luck with him haha