Should I bother trying with her?

Long story short:

-Girl likes me, and I mean REALLY REALLY likes me

-Me and her have been talking for about 2 weeks now

-Unfortunately... she's also talking to 2 other guys who she likes more!

-However, she still does like me

-When I called her out on talking to 2 guys, she said "Well I'm single, I just go with the flow"

-She did previously hint to me to ask her out and she'd like to date me one day

Should I even bother trying?

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Well here's the thing as well, she also stated she believes NOTHING will happen between them, one of them she physically cannot date because she's known too long (but she still has feelings for) and the other I don't know lol.


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  • If you know that she likes them more then you, I think you shouldn't pursue it. I say this because the other 2 guys may not want more from and she may be using you as a safe net. If you really like her, you can always give it a try, but by her liking them more then you there is a chance she might keep them around and cheat on you with the same guys. So if you want to be serious, make sure she cuts all ties.

    • added more info in update.

      and I'm sure she will cut ties if we date

    • You should give it a try. That is the only way to find out.

  • i behaved like she did one, my advice is ask her out. a girl doesn't hint if she doesn't want


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