What does this text mean? he's seeing a 10 and I'm an 8 at best?

So I met a guy a few weeks ago, in a club.. friend of a friend. We kissed. He kept on going on about how good my smile is etc amd holding my hand and telling people he was going to marry me. I ignored it.like cause he's a 9 and I know guys like that. They just want sex.

Anyway we had a really great night. Ended up going home with him cause my friend and his friend are fwb... we slept in a bed together... made out a bit.. I denied him for sex (cause I'm an idiot haha) in the morning he was still on about my smile and holding my hand and what not.

Numbers exchanged. A bit of texting since then... said we were gonna see eachother but neither of us have bothered to organise it. He followed me on insta so I jad a bit of a return stalk. Fairly certain he's seeing someone else (and if I'm an 8, she's a 10) so I've just been a bit standoffish with the texts etc.

Then he texts me tonight and says that's Thursdays always remind him of me. (We met on Thurs...)

I replied saying how it was a pretty good night

Then nothing...

Can someone explain?


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  • I'm kind of confused. Why do you want to see him if he was trying to have sex with you while seeing another girl? And how do you know she's a ten. I feel like girls tend to do a really bad job at telling if a girl is attractive. And damn all of you are some attractive people aren't you!


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  • You claim you know guys like that, and those guys just want sex...where's the confusion? You have it figured out already.

  • 8..9...10...there are no permanent points for anyone...some may say you are 8 ..some may say 9 or 10 ...and some 6 or 7...happens with me...so...now your guy is trying to say that he has found someone more attractive than you ...thats it


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  • Sweetie, from my experience in the numbers game, you did well to play your cards right with this 9, regardless What his number or---his story was. You didn't give in to him, and no, not an idiot haha. In the morning, he may have not even given you a second glimpse, let alone been "still about your smile or even holding your hand". Probably would have even ended up a one niter, just someone you met who later "bolted in the dead of nite." The hand that was dealt to you was definitely a winner, at least for now. Some guys can be a joker, to say the least.

    Now that you're in the running, he is texting, he is even going so much as following you on insta as this "return stalk." That in itself is an "Ace of Spades, so you have him and ---all cards face up on the table now in front of you. It's yours for the picking.

    Although you are "fairly certain" of another "Queen" in the picture, it doesn't matter. Nor does it even matter that she may be this "Bo Derek' . The point is, he is sending hot handed messages your way, sweetie, and whispering sweet Somethings of good-nite in your ear now...after 8.

    When you say "then nothing." Relax, means probably "nothing," and that you are over thinking in your head. He may have felt even that it wasn't necessary to reply after your response being his was "all that." So Now that you are even more 'standoffish"about this, it's putting thoughts in your mind as to where You stand.

    From what I have experienced more than often with the "no return response" after the fact, is there is probably nothing more to say right now, and tomorrow is another day. Wait it out, and see what card will be dealt next to you. I realize this is new, it's a gamble at this point, but what have you got to lose?

    Good luck..xx

    • who's bo Derek? a quarterback?

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    • I'm shattered I didn't see this response earlier - he's still chasing me and I'm just playing it cool :) Waiting it out was great advice and what I ended up doing

    • Thanks! Good deal..

  • How about you try to set up a date to meet up with him again and you see what happens then, because with just that, we can't really guess or know what's going on. You're not sure he's seeing someone else, maybe she's just a good friend or something like that, we don't know what makes you think he's dating someone.

    So I say: arrange a date, go on the date, have a good time and see what happens. If I met a guy who isn't very texty with me, I'm not gonna text him daily myself.

  • If he's seeing someone else first of all he's a douche, because he made out with you while seeing someone else, that kinda gives an indocator what kinda boy he is, right?

    Second , it doesn't matter what he means with the text, because he's seeing someone else!

    Oh and, attractiveness is different for everyone, for one boy you can be a 4 and she's a 10. For another she's a 3 and you're a 10.