Snarky comment damage control.

,I have been dating a guy for a few weeks, he's nice, polite and we have a great time and tons of chemistry...The problem is that I usually have to suggest getting together and last night I sent a snarky text saying call me when you want to see me, I feel like I'm always initiating...well, I tried to rectify it today by saying, I was sorry for being a brat but not sorry for feeling the way that I do. I hate TEXT it has totally effed up communicating! so, bottom line is I heard from him once and he said "what are you talking about" like he never got the message...I know he did. Now it's zero communication from someone who usually texts me a couple times a day>>> I guess I should just leave it be? thanks


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  • Well people can usually tell if there's an undertone in someone's message to them... best thing to do is give him a call and make plans to meet up. Next time you see him have a discussion about your relationship and how you would like to see things work out and how he'd like things to go as well.

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