Online dating: texting before first meeting is weird to me?

So far this is usually how it goes. I talk with someone online for a bit, say maybe a few days. Then we agree to meet on the weekend, which may be a couple days away. Then we exchange numbers as it's easier to correspond that way. Personally I'm really not into texting, especially with someone I haven't met yet. So I find it weird when guys start conversations via text when we haven't met yet, like how was my day, etc. I know they are just trying to be polite etc and I am overreacting a bit, would you agree? How to feel less weirded out?


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  • dont give them your number until after youve met them and you like them, it has the added bonus of them not being able to harass you if you decide you two aren't compatible

    theyre probably just trying to be polite and keep you interested in them that's all

  • Texting is a simpler way to get to know some one...usually talk on line and then text its a way to ask questions more freely, and get a feel for someone. texting is a sign of the times..everyone texts, keep it simple - I like that stage!