Do you think girls will not be taken out as much anymore in dating as time goes on?

With stories like how girls go out to dinner and disappear and get a reality show for it do you think guys are going to be more likely to be on the defensive about taking girls out when we keep hearing about how many disappearing acts go on nowadays?

If a guy takes 4 girls out to dinner at 25 bucks each and none of them want to date further the guy's out 100 dollars. Are we really going to tell a guy to "keep trying" and potentially not pay his bills? But then we hear that girls want to be taken out and that it's supposed to be a "guy's job" to pay.


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  • I prefer when a guy lets me pay my part so I don't feel pressured to keep dating him or to have sex with him. A ton of guys feel like she owes him something, when he's the one with the higher interest level most of the time, since he's the one who asked her out. I like splitting, because it evens the playing field.

    Many guys I know stick with coffee or a few drinks first to get a feel for the girl and if she's just in it for free stuff.

    However, a lot of girls go out with guys they aren't very attracted to or find annoying because she feels pressure to "give him a chance." Girls are always being scolded that they should learn to like who likes her and that she's a bad person for not reciprocating feelings a guy has for her. We feel a lot of guilt when we aren't interested in a guy. We may try to force ourselves to become interested in him by going out a handful of times. So, you end up paying to hang out with someone you don't really want to spend time with. From our perspective, imagine going out three times with someone you aren't very excited about because it's your duty to "let him grow on you."

    I imagine that guys find themselves out with girls who they quickly lose interest in, however. Like they ask her out and find her looks agreeable, but then something about her personality grates him the wrong way. Of course, some guys shoot for getting laid anyway, since he picked her out of sexual attraction anyway ... these guys are the equivalent of the freeloader girls.

    It's no walk in the park for us ladies, it's no walk in the park for men. Dating in general, is a pain.


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  • probably, things are going to change in the future

  • Girls wanna feel important to you, spend time with her, and just take it easy, not all dates have to be expensive. Depending on the girl, you can come up with dates that are fun and inexpensive. Play video games together, go to a concert, go to a park, meet at a theme park/carnival, get together for coffee, or a study date with pizza. You shouldn't have to take out a loan to impress a girl. But that said, don't take her for granted, either. If she wants something outrageous, just be honest and tell her that is not in your budget. If she balks, you should let her walk.


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  • This has been happening for a while now. "chilling"and "hanging out" are the new dates. Many guys have figured out that with sexual liberation and the economy being what it is they can actually choose to get to know a girl and become official before treating her to a formal

    • It truly is interesting how the word "date" makes so many females uncomfortable. They somehow feel pressured if the "d-word" is used! :-P

  • It's so artificial in these days when girls are also working; more and more guys are going to opt out of having to pick up the tab every time, especially when girls increasingly are just into dating for the free entertainment, and have no inclination to get to know the guy.

    Girls of course often want it both ways; equality in pay, but the guy should pay for all the entertainment...

    • In all the years I've dated there's only one guy that's paid for me and that's because they only accepted cash. I usually only have a credit card. I always pay my way in everything. That helps me weed out the guys that only like me my boobs and just want sex. Yes he has to earn the sex by continuing to go out on dates with me without picking up my tab. And obviously acting interested and carrying on a conversation. All women aren't freeloaders just like all men aren't just out for a booty call.

    • Good for you turtle, but y'know there are many who still expect the guy to pay