Can a guy suddenly become interested in you?

Here's the deal. I spent about 2 years liking this guy. During this time, he flirted back, but he also talked to other girls and was too old for me, (6 years). I guess I'm an adult now, and I really thought he was out of my life, but he seems interested now, asking me out and wanting to be me in my life. When I'm with him it's as if nothing changed, which is great, but then when I'm alone, I wonder, is he really into me? Am I just a last option he's settling for? Or did he always have feelings for me but just put them on the backburner because I was too young or he was undecided? He turned me down before. But now he seems changed. He flirts back and reciprocates my interest. How can you tell? A casual hook up is not what's going on here. He's not this thirsty college student. Anyways, any opinions are welcome.


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  • I wouldn't consider you an option, more than anyone else is an option at any time, which everyone is.

    Is he settling for you? Again, settling is what we do right? Here are all the features that make you an option to date, with the goal of getting married one day: Looks, age, personality/character, career...these all go in to a guys brain, in that order, when deciding whether a girl is a viable option.

    It seems to me, guessing he is about 27 or 28, you have met the criteria. Note, age, being the second trait of a good mate, in my opinion, you are correct to think you getting older is a part of it since 6 years means nothing once your over 21.

    If you are tired of dating young, less reliable guys, and promise not to break the poor guy's heart, go for it. Everything you have stated is perfectly normal and the fact you are hear posting about it shows you care enough about the possibility of a relationship to seek advice. I wish you the best!

  • when a girls too young, you put her on layaway, and wait until the time is right.


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