Help me plan the third date?

I had coffee with a girl last Friday. We had our second date with me taking her to dinner on Wednesday. She was then super slammed at work the next couple days and mentioned on the date 'if we do anything again, it won't be the weekend. It will be after. I need me time after my long work week'.

I texted her Thursday and asked how the first of the two "extended shift" days were going and she thanked me for asking and said, good but long.

I want to call her in a couple hours and ask her out again. We've done dinner and coffee. We could do a movie. Outdoor activities are out. It's Minnesota deep freeze up here. What should I suggest for a third date? We did a nice-ish place for dinner, and we talked about burgers and fries when she loved the fries that came with her club sandwich. Maybe a diner and a movie? IDK.

Or if she says 'yes' to going out again, is it appropriate to say, "What would you like to do?"

I should add that I could take her to Mall of America. I'd suggest their amusement park but she's already told me that though she loves rides, she and a friend did that recently and she realized that late 20's you feel rides affecting you much more than as a kid lol.

So in that mall, there is putt-putt, bowling/arcade, and a comedy club.


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  • I think YOU should plan something, then after the third date, ask her what she wants to do.

    The Mall of America seems like a fun place for a date, or you could go to a museum or bowling.

    • Thanks! Museum popped into my mind but all of them close at like 5 PM around here lol. MN is lame.

    • You're welcome!

      Aw shoot, I forgot about that. It's like that here where I live. I don't know why they close at that time. Maybe another time? Well, good luck with it all. (:

    • Thanks for the BA!

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  • do something fun, don't do dinner and movie, so boring

    • She said yes to a third date! :) We set up a night but not an activity so I think I will suggest bowlibg and golf in the mall.

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