He's just not that into you?

If he takes hours to reply to your texts?

Been out on a date with this guy, we scheduled a second date, but it was kinda bumpy road to there, because he takes ages to reply to anything.

Which wouldn't be a bad thing if he hadn't always replied very quickly before our date. I also asked for the second date, although he said he wanted to go out again earlier.

So clear thing of he's not that into you?


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  • No not that clear at all. Very ambiguous, actually. Maybe he's being nice because he's trying to friend zone you. Maybe he really does want the second date but he suddenly got real busy and hasn't been able to use his phone (happens to me when I'm at work).

    Women seem to think that because a man acts differently after the first couple of dates, weeks, or months that he must feel differently about you. That's not the case. As for this guy just let him come to you. If he doesn't ask you out again then you have your answer.

    • well I would consider the friendzone as not being that into me

      well it is an obvious observation. If his behaviour changes right after we had a date, it's easy to assume it's us. Like usually he would reply within a few minutes but after our date it took 3 days before he texted me

    • Ooh. You said it took "hours" in your post, not days for him to text back. Yes, that's beginning to look a little more clear. Yes, friendzone would be him not liking you. I gave you two options up there.

    • well hours usually. Days was only once after the date, so I didn't think it was that important. And I didn't text him first then, he did

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  • Just because he takes hours to reply to your texts doesn't mean he's not interested.