How do I stop myself from getting attached too soon?

I just started dating this guy, I really like him and he treats amazing. I did just get out of a year relationship and that relationship was a emotional reck for me. My ex wasn't affectionate, I felt I loved him more than he loved me. Anyways, this new guy shows me a ton of affection, kisses me holds my hand, spend time with me. The thing is I'm falling for him hard, like I looked forward to his calls, when he hasn't texted me I feel like he isn't thinking of me. I told him about my past and how insecure I was, he says he wouldn't do that and how he really likes me.


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  • Do not get wrapd up in one guy..see other people..if this doesn't work out your heart will b broken..see what other guys have to offer.guys will tell you anything to get u.ive recently went through this and we were amazing together and he backd I'm the one with the anxiety and from now on I am dating and if it turns out to b more great..but don't give him too much credit and you too soon because you don't know him and what he's capable me!