Need female ddvice for inexperienced guy when it comes to dating?

So I am 26 and really have only had two girlfriends, both for under 6 months. Both were so drastically different that I don't know which relationship was considered more "normal". I met a new girl I really like and don't want to screw up it up so I need advice!

My first girlfriend and I started contacting each other daily from the first day I got her phone #. I sent her a text after I got her # and she called me that night. We talked on the phone every single day from that point on until we broke up. She also strongly hinted that she wanted to be my girlfriend after Id say three dates and only a few weeks, so we made it official then. We kissed our first date, but didn't have sex until about month into it and after we were official.

Second girl I dated didn't seem to like the daily contact, and got mad at me sometimes and said I was clingy if I texted too much. She also didn't like calling and would mostly text. We didn't kiss until the third date, but we also had sex the third date shortly after our first kiss and I stayed at her place that night. We never really discussed being boyfriend and girlfriend and never called each other that, but we did once have a conversation where we agreed that we were exclusive with each other, which I guess is the same thing basically.

So you can see, drastically different in a few areas so I am trying to get a feel of what I should do with this new girl. She is someone I knew for a few years because she went to my school, but I maybe had one conversation with her in that time. I finally talked to her online recently and got her phone number. She texted me two days ago and I ended up asking her out, she said that sounded nice but it was her birthday this weekend and she had plans already but we should set something up in a couple days. I didn't text her yesterday or today, Ill send her a happy bday text tomorrow.

But what I need advice on is...

1. Are kisses on first dates expected?

2. How much contact should be made early on when dating? And call or texts? (Personally Id feel weird calling her until we got together in person again, but I may be wrong)

3. How many dates do you go on before making things "official" or having an exclusive talk?

4. How many dates are normal before you have sex with someone?

5. For a 26 year old, is going to dinner too boring/typical for a first date? Should I try something else? I haven't talked to this girl much before and haven't even seen her in about a year. We re-connected online.

Any other general advice would be much appreciated!


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  • 1) Not expected but usually happens depends on how the night went. If you drop her off and she seems to be lingering and not just dashing off kiss the girl.

    2)Texting depends on the person I wouldn`t say go two days without texting but that`s just me texting a hey every day isn`t weird to me but that's just me

    3)I don`t do the exclusive talk till 2months (really I don`t do it till the guy brings it up) I believe my boyfriend brought up if we were together 2months in and as much as we were exclusive I didn`t let him ask me out till month 4. But I hate relationships

    4) That completely depends on the person lots of girls have a time frame for it some just go for it

    5) Going to dinner is great just as long as you talk you get to know each other. You can throw in bowling or a game deal but don`t do movie you can`t get to know each other.

    Just remember that there is no normal relationship. Every couple is different


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  • First, you sound very ole school which for me is very refreshing these days. Secondly, don't put so much thought into it yiy are stressing yourself out. Thirdly, calk don't text its more mature and shows you are interested. I like to send a feel out text first asking do you have a minute to talk l then call. I don't like to catch people at an incobvebiebt time. And lastly, ask her what she'd Luke to do on your first date. I'd suggest something to do or go where you cab have fun and talk. You xabt talk at the movies. Walk through the park, zoo oe aquarium together, its entertaining and allows allir of time to talk. If that's too pricey or allows too much time to talk and you don't like her like that then grab lunch for an hour and end the date. Get to know her, if you like her tell her you'd like to date her and if not tell her you are looking for anything serious right now. I think guys always make dating into this awkward race to the panties movement and then start all the wuerd avoiding afterward when that realize... who is this stranger in my bed. Whatever yiy do don't take advice from any of your guy friends. Lol. Good luck.

  • 1. Depends how the date goes. If she consistently reciprocates your advances or makes her own advances, then a kiss will probably be appropriate.

    2. I prefer texts but they can be tricky. I always try to stay away from sarcasm and certain jokes because it can be too easy to take something offensively without a tone of voice... little texts to say hey what's up everyday are good but okay if they are less frequent too, but I agree not to go more than two days...

    3. I don't have a number, but usually he would bring it up after about 8 weeks or so...

    4. I don't have a number, it really depends on how much I like the guy and how our chemistry is...

    5. I don't think dinner is boring or anything, and I bet there are plenty of girls who like a dinner date, but I always feel awkward going to dinner on a first date. I prefer something more casual like just getting a cup of coffee and going for a walk in the park or going to a museum or something...


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