Surprised I did not get a response to this text?

If a guy texts that he is sexually interested in you and you respond with that you are intrigued by his comment.

That would still show that you are interested?

Never got a response back after that. He has me wondering now lol.


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  • Maybe he texted you and figured "what the heck, she'll probably say she's not interested anyways", or something similar. Doing something like that online or a text is a lot different than doing it in person. If you reject me on a text, then I can't see what your reaction is. But then what if you say yes? HOLY MOLY! I can only imagine, I'm worse than anyone when it comes to things like this. I've never had a girlfriend.

    • I ended up texting him again a few days later and he responded to that. All good.

What Girls Said 1

  • Just text him again...something like that can be hard to reply too.. like, what do I say now? lol