He asked for my number but told me to call him?

Met a guy at a bar, he asked for my number , saved me as a contact, then called so I could have his number. He said he wanted to take meout and for me to call him.

why would he ask for my number if he wants me to call first?

I don't mind, but this has never happened before lol not sure if he is interested or not.


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  • I can only say that he might be trying one of the following

    1 - He is cheap and does not want to spend money even on a phone call.

    2 - He has come with a new routine to pickup girls and he is trying it out.

    3 - He wants to know if the girl is really interested in him.

    4 - He was confused and blabbered because he thought you were too hot for him.

    or something else. Not something normally guys would do on purpose or instinctively.


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