Do you think I should bother with this guy?

I come out of a three and half year relationship with a girl in November.. I was really heart broken (still am) and I was constantly going to the pub.. I met 6 guys, they were lovely from what I can remember. I found one of them attractive, we started talking.. It was all great.

I asked how old the guy was.. He told me he was 16, he then asked my age.. I said I'm 20. He said: ' I was only joking I'm 20'.. Later on he changed his age again and said ' I'm 23 really' and then later on he said ' I'm really 25'..

I gave him my number because he seemed lovely and he was buying me drinks all night..

I was only asking him for single vodka and lemonade.. Later that night I was throwing up in the toilets and the bar lady turned around and said 'you've been on doubles all night, no wonder you're extremely drunk'

The next day the guy text me saying ' Hey it's Phil, did you get home okay?'

Then we was chatting.. I said ' tell me your real age?' he said '26'..

Last month I met up with him again, I confronted him about buying me all doubles that night and he said ' I bought you one single that night' the bar lady isn't going to lie -_-

He was taking more interest in my bestfriend then he was with me.. This other guy started flirting with me.. So I flirted back.. Phil then stormed out of the club and he basically called me a slag on the phone..

1/2 weeks later we was talking on the phone, we had another argument. I said ' right that's it, you're a compulsive liar, Delete my number and never contact me again'

1 week after that he text me saying ' I'm in town if you want to come?' so I said ' Haven't I made it clear? I want nothing to do with you so delete my number and never contact me again'

He then text saying ' well please don't delete my number in case you change your mind'

I like him but he's a compulsive liar and I don't know what to do. Should I just walk away from him or give him a chance? I hate liars :/


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  • He is Not only a compulsive liar, sweetie, but a Major jerk and fruit cake as well. Don't trust him even to hand you a bowl of bar nuts. Delete his damn number, being YOU have gotten---His number----and if he tries to contact you again, Block this loser.

    If you should run into him at any pub around, don't accept not One drink from him, because, as you probably know and have heard, some basket cases" are more than capable of "slipping a mickey' into Any doubles.xx