Not sure how I feel about the guy but I like spending time with him?

I think I am just being more guarded about my heart but at the same time because I am this way, it makes me more confused. I like spending time with this guy I've been seeing for about 2 months. Time goes super at when we are together. I like him as a person. I am sexually attracted to him but we haven't started having physical intimacy. I feel he needs more time to fully open up. I don't miss him day to day as I have done with another guy in the past. How do I know if his has a future and just being careful vs just not feeling it with the guy?


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  • I think that missing will come once you two let your guard down. Also physical contact (doesn't even have to sexual), like cuddling or hugging or holding hands can help with the missing. A lot of times in real life you don't know immediately or even a little after than if the person is the one.


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