I called this girl I met, and she hasn't returned my call?

So, I met a girl few weeks ago. I got her number, been texting back and forth. We talked about meeting up in text, she said yes, so I called her 3 days ago and left a voicemail. She hasn't called back. Is this a bad sign?

ok thanks. well, its been 4 and a half days and she still hasn't called. I'm just shocked. Is it too early to give up on her?


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  • Not necesarily a bad sign.

    If something has happened and she is stressed or upset with something in her life that might be why. Maybe she is just shy.

    You do need to give people allowance sometimes.

    But equally don't fool yourself.

    If you are really interested then be brave and send her another text. If she replies be direct and ask her if she wants to meet. You could arrange it by text perhaps she is phone shy!

    Otherwise if she doesn't reply or doesn't seem interested in meeting up then I would say stop messaging her. You will meet someone else.


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  • she isn't interested, move on


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  • It's fatal sign! She no doubt has other guys on her string and you were most likely outspent.

    • Geez, the Internet has made them all think they're irresistible to every guy...