Should I just give him the benefit of the doubt?

When he says his "busy" I understand his whole world does not revolve around me, but one simple text doesn't take long to respond to.

It's just my mind starts to wander a bit. Like now I haven't heard from him since Friday -_-


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  • My sweet...he's not interested!

    If you're dating, sure he's serious? If you're at the getting to know stage, take it slow, don't be desperate. Let him text you and miss you...not the other way around.

    If you're just friends, stop trying too hard...he's not interest-ico! In other words, you're not someone on his priority list, sadly...

    • We're at the getting to know stage. Friends but more than friends type thing. Lol

    • Well, if he's not putting in 100%, why are you? As I mentioned, your excitement needs to be tapered and tempered. He may be chatting with other girls while you're giving him all your energy. I really would suggest you step back a bit and get to know other guys too...