Texting her in between dates?

I've gone on two dates with this woman, and I called her Saturday and asked her on a third, and she said yes. We aren't seeing each other till Wednesday though and I don't want to be too distant, because I do like her. I already knew that she was enjoying the weekend off, so I texted her today and asked how her time off was. She asked me what I was up too and I told her I'd just watched the first episode of a show she had told she likes watching on Netflix. There was even an actor on there from another show we talked about that we've both seen every episode of, so we joked about that briefly (via text).

What other things can I say Monday and/or Tuesday? We actually never said what we were going to do, but we have plans on when I'm picking her up, and I have an idea on what we can do.

But yeah, I think it's a little late now to text as she says she goes to bed early, because she works early, but maybe tomorrow after work if I texted I hope she enjoyed the weekend off and that the return to work went ok? Something like that? I don't want to be too pushy when it's only been two dates.

I may as well add a second question. So, Wednesday is our third date. Friday is Valentine's. We're too early for all that, and I actually have to work till nearly 10 PM anyway. Is there a good way to bring up this holiday? I don't want to ignore it. We should discuss it, right?


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  • Slow down, Romeo, you are over thinking everything, and with this, you may botch things up before you even Get to Wednesday's big day.

    Although as a girl, I am loving your great enthusiasm, because I find it rare, yet refreshing, this is a new girl, and not everyone is like me.

    Just go easy with the texts. And just send a simple one tomorrow, discussing a few ideas of Wednesday. Get her response. I would imagine you both work, so you can't spend all day pushing buttons, but might I suggest, even giving her a quick call to discuss these important plans. May make things a bit easier on your fingers and ------both of your schedules.

    As far as the holiday goes, if you do have to work until 10 Pm that nite, suggest Wednesday, as long as things are still flowing well, about possibly Saturday night instead. Simply run it passed her. You don't need to jot down every minute of every detail in your head, or even on paper. However, I do believe if more guys were more like you, sweetie, there might be more Valentine Days for those special girls out there just aching to find someone like you.

    Have a great week, and enjoy your new girl.xx

    • Thank you. Yeah, I over think everything in my life that causes me some stress lol. I'm also trying not to base decisions etc... based on how I handled things in my last relationship. "This is new. She's a different person". I'm not sending many texts.

      Since I haven't made a physical move beyond a hug at 2nd date's end, I was thinking maybe a single rose, or small bouquet when I arrive? How does that sound?

      As for suggesting Saturday, what would you say?

    • You Are an amazing guy. You're doing fine, and texting isn't over time. As far as Saturday goes, absolutely a beautiful and considerate gesture. A single rose, preferably red or soft pink. That would be Much more appropriate for a "second date, still on first base". A florist will hook you up with a gorgeous Single rose, surrounded by lovely baby breath, and delicate wrapping. A nice card can also be included(your choice). Again, simple, and ---simply your "John Hancock."xx

    • As far as Saturday goes, instead of Friday, I would just simply ask her if he would like to celebrate "the holiday" one day later. Perhaps just(don't know what you have planned for tomorrow)a nice dinner for two, not too mushy, but something that will "take her heart" in a special way."xx

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  • At an early stage in dating Valentine's is no big deal. You don't need to mention it.

    I would just text her and say I holpe you had a good weekend. I have some ideas for Wednesday but is there anything you want to do?

    Incase your idea is something she isn't into!

    You obviosly like this girl a lot. So don't hold back texting her, but don't over think what you should say either. Just try and be yourself. If you to will work she will like you for you.


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  • I dunno, if I knew I was gonna see her on Wed and I was still in the courting phase, I wouldn't text anything on Mon or Tues. I'd wait til like Wed morning and just text to confirm time/plans.

    As for vday, no, I don't think its too soon in the relationship to bring it up. In fact, I find vday more useful for newer couples anyway. However, I wouldn't bring it up as vday. I'd just bring it up as Friday, i.e. "got any plans Friday?" or "wanna do this again on Friday?" etc etc.

    • I can't really call her in the a.m. She has an early rise for going to work, and I don't want to disturb her in that. I'd rather call he night prior, but I do get your point on being casual

  • Stop asking her things (how was work?) and start telling her things. Your life is interesting, X happened to you, you worked on X today. Better yet, send her a pic of something interesting you're doing. Just don't send more than a couple of texts. You run the risk of sounding needy with mooky little questions like "how was your return to work." No, don't discuss Valentine's. This is a great opportunity to see how shallow she is. If she gets upset you didn't buy her something, that's a pretty useful piece of information to have.

    • Thanks for the advice!

    • I did that and it helped strike up some occasional texts tonight, thanks.

      Say, on our last date I chickened out on giving a kiss, and we merely hugged. I'm thinking that for the third I should bring her like a single rose or something. Right off the bat I want to show I really do like her. What do you think?

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