Why didn't he text me yet?!

I meet this guy at the bar and really I came up to him and we started flirting. He told me about he's work and stuff and he even said he'd buy me a drink if he wasn't so poor lol. We danced and we pretty much hung out the whole night with me and my friend and his friend. We got along great and then I asked him to add me on fb but then he said he doesn't think he will remember my last name so he just said to give me his number. So I did and then this guy other guy started flirting with me and he said how do you know these guys and I was like I know him to the first guy and he was like how and I was like I don't know he's cute and that guy got really turned off by thay question I guess and since I was drunk I was like jk jk and then the first guy was like what did she say and the secomd guy was acting werid and I was embarssed because I was drunk and you sometimes take things to literal when your drunk lol so I was like whatever and then I left with my friend Because she wanted to go. Anyways its been 2 days and he didn't text me? Do you hink he wasn't interested? Plus do you think the other guy said something that wasn't true? Like why would he add my number then? I didn't ask him to? Advice would be greatly appreciated


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  • never drink alcohol again...it gives stress.


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