Guys. What would be the best way to respond to this text?

There is this guy that I fancy that I gave my number to. He is 50 and I am 34.

He looks mid fort ish so it is not to bad. We are both single as well.

He has not asked me out yet. But he did end up sending me a text.

He would not have sent a text at all if he was not interested in anything?

The last text kind of confused me though I responded to his last text agreeing that we were not gonna have anything serious.

This is the response I got…

Well now Miss (my name) he refers to me like that in all the texts (he sends me), that's a far more pleasant text than the one I was expecting from my accountant. Now I am blushing again.

Not sure what to respond to this or what to make of the response!


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  • There sounds to be a underlying thought by him to play it respectful.The miss part is an age thing really.I can assure you that his head is spinning and he is going to do all in his power not to do or say anything foolish enough to scare you off.You sound as though you might be receptive to his replies.For god's sake take things slow and build a rapport with each other. Talk in person and listen to what he says and how it relates to the actions he takes.Pay attention to body language.Is he really sincere.Pry a little history of himself out

    in the areas you consider important.If there seems to be some chemistry there. Then talk about some boundaries and where you might like to be in the next few years.O f course this should be done over a period of time if you all get past the first date or meeting.Best of luck and always be safe J B

    • I am playing it cool as well because I don't want him to think I am easy or slutty. Good thing. Where we met before and saw each other I never dressed or acted that way so don't think that he would think that.

      Oh really? I thought the Miss (my name) was a nickname thing cause he would call me gorgeous before while greeting me when he saw me in person. I feel silly calling him Mr (his name) now. Hopefully he thinks it cute lol.

    • I still feel a little nervous, when I chat like this to him. Just have never been this way with someone older before. The attraction I have for him was a complete surprise to me. Normally do go for people more my age.

      Yeah my next text was saying, that we should catch up for coffee sometime soon. Fingers crossed. I agree, building a rapport with each other would be good but yes gotta actually hang out together first.

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