How do you convince a guy that you don't need to always go out everytime you see them?

I have been seeing someone for a few months. For some reason I think he feels we always have to go out, dinner and entertainment everytime we see each other. I have never pressured him to do this, I have told him how much fun I have and I really have never dated before.

Its funny because his last two relationships the girls didn't want to go anywhere.

I don't know why it is different with me,

Anyway, how to tell him can we just stay at home one night?


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  • Just tell him. I think taking girls out and sort of showing them that you can afford to treat them like a princess is sort of an easy way out. Tell him not too formally but directly that you enjoy going out with him, but you value spending time with him more than having your love 'bought' by him. Suggest that the next time you guys spend time together, just come over to his place or him to yours for some wine, and watch a movie + lots of cuddling.

  • Honestly, enjoy while you can cause later on in the relationship the fun outings will be less and less. If he is willing to whine and dine you that much... be happy it means he respects you and the relationship can develop into something more. I'd be more worried if he just wanted to stay at your place or his place. Do nothing except have sex... that is not a good sign.

    • yeah I understand what you are saying totally but a lot of times I think he is short on cash and really can't afford to do it. He's been doing if for about 8 months but we only see each other 2 times a week

    • Well in that case... invite him to a home cooked or home ordered meal (depending on your culinary skills). At the beginning its important that the guy pays and takes you out but after a 8 months... you can cut him some slack without loosing his attention or respect.