Why does HE make plans with ME-and cancels?

This guy I met came heavy initialy with the-I like u-im so into you etc. Now he says weeks later lets meet this week. Tommorow YES lets meet up. The says he cant, lets try the weekend...then Saturday lets check on Sunday...then doesn't call or text-NOTHING.

GUYS if he doesn't like/want me WHY does he reach out to me- and why does he say lets meet this day that day then NOTHING!

If I didn't like a guy I wouldn't text them or CALL- I wuld not make contact at all!

H E L P why is he doing this...and now what do I do (I like him ALOT)?


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  • I have no idea. I've never done that in my life. Despite your feelings for him, he's not reciprocating, so it's up to you to not fall for his nonsense any more.

    • Thank you for your insight its appreciated...see why I'm so confused..he was all into me a week ago-HEAVY...and then this! worse situation is that I sent him an edible arrangement and its due Wednesday..great now I look DESPERATE I'm sure :(

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    • Yes, I notice that Leah hasn't texted me ;). I honestly can't begin to tell you what is going through his mind because I've never had those types of thoughts. I'm a no-bullshitter. If I like you, I like you and we're going out on dates (especially if I ask you out). I'd at least go on the first date.

    • Thank you for all your help I appreciate hearing it from a guy..we did go on dates..he was like I'm crazy about u.and I miss u..and 1000 text, and then...NOTHING I just want him to put up or shut up. For women I think if were not into you we don't respond or call nothing!

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  • Sadly enough, there's not much you can do except move on. He was interested. He is not anymore. Its human and it happens. We all reject and we all get rejected. Life is not a box of chocolates.

    • Thanks for your reply- BUT why would he be the one saying lets see each other this week? and emailing me I like you ALOT. Is he still holding on?

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    • OK! no one can ever be up front..hey lets date see where it goes- no he said I want to date only you blah blah and then does this. at what point in your life are people open and honest, I guess when your 5 and don't know the difference and say it like it is..but thanks for your insight its appreciated!

    • Your welcome! Take care!

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