Should I be nervous for our date tomorrow?

So I have the first date nerves. This is my first date since splitting with my ex. He's a very sweet guy and we've been texting to keep in contact, but we live fairly close to each other and we are going out to dinner tomorrow.

Over texting he's very flirty and uses a lot of smiley faces and asks me a ton of questions and wanted to know my idea of a dream date would be. And he texts me 'good morning beautiful'

These are all things my ex never did. Is this normal? lol I'm basing this relationship off my last one, and clearly this guy is way different.

Should I be nervous? How do you calm yourself down in a situation like this?


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  • Should you be nervous? Well, being nervous tends to come with the territory. Nothin' wrong with that, I think. I suppose I would calm myself by trying to focus on what a fun time I might have. This might be a good reason, I think, why first dates should be very light and nothing too expensive.


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