Unsure about online dating.

Hi all I am 20 year old male from UK, I am reasonably fit, good looking (well I think I am, never had any bad compliments, always been called cute.) I am hardworking etc. etc. But I am working at the family business, which means work long hours and when I get home I usually relax, but do occasionally go out and on weekends will go out as well, shopping etc. But apart from this I do not go out much. I am looking to find a nice girl to start a relationship with. But due to my lifestyle I do not seem to engage with the opposite sex much... So I was wondering if I should have a go with online dating, or stick with waiting to meet someone in day to day life? Any good suggestions would be appreciated?


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  • Look rather than starting a online relationship where you don't know whether the other person is genuine or not go out and look for one. On Saturdays and Sundays, ask your dad to let you out early. Or while on your break go oust die even to a small cafe. It might work.

    • thanks will def go out more on weekends, will take every lunch at small cafes :)

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    • Just noticed atypical ugh iPads *outside

    • Lol meant typo and thanks

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  • i have a similar question please let me know how it works out if you try it


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  • No harm trying online dating. I suspect you'll do better then many of the guys here who complain about it.

    • yeah will have a think about it, as you say it can't do any harm, thanks for advice :)

    • Your 'story' is good and I think what people online want to see. You're not a sad loser who strikes out in person, you're a quality but busy individual looking to efficiently meet someone similar.

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