Texting for closure of a disappearing boyfriend? Any advice?

My friend introduced me to a guy in October, and we become official last month. We have only on one date since he leaves about an hour away. The last time I talk to him was the 30th of last month, we had a pretty casual convo and he even told me that we should talk everyday and made plans to go out. Once I got on campus (he's not a college student) I tried calling him so he called back late at night, so I called back the next day and three days later I called again. No answers. I understand being busy but a text or call would b nice.

It has now been over a week since we talk and I'm getting worried, I asked our mutual friend who suggested sending a text, but what

should I say?

What would you do?


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  • Being 2014, everyone has a phone, and everyone is constantly on the phone. Even if he can't make a call/answer any, he can still text. It literally takes 20 seconds, and he's probably texting friends/family anyways.

    Especially since it's been days. Either he died, or he's being an asshole and ignoring you. Or maybe he lost his phone! That's a possibility. But then again...there's Facebook/social media in general. It's not hard to get a hold of anyone in this day and age. No excuses.

    Seems like he needs to be upfront about his thoughts/feelings.

    • I figured since he can get on instagram (since it connected to Facebook) I figure he didn't lose his phone. But what should I txt him?

      "Hey, I've been trying to get a hold of you. Let me know if you still want this relationship?"

      I still like him but I just want to know where he stands so I can move on or not, specially since it's my first relationship.

    • If you have to text him asking if he wants to be in it, then that's not a good sign :( I would call him, and leave him a message. Just say, "Hey, so I don't think things are working out between us. It seems like you don't want to be in this relationship, and I would have appreciated if you told me, but nothing we can do about it now. I really liked you, but I wish you all the best! :)"

      Just keep it as light as possible. Don't stress over it. He doesn't seem worth it. :( Sorry babe.

  • Hmm I would ask the friend to find out the truth about him, instead of wasting my money and energy

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