Guys what does a hug mean to you?

Well there is this guy and we have been really good friends for a while and one day after hanging out we where all saying good bye (there was five of us) and he walks up and hugs me he has never done this before and I have seen him with other girls and he never hugs them. And Ever since then we have always hug when we are saying good bye. So guys do you hug girls that you like? Or do you think this guy is trying to make the first move? Or what?


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  • Hmm.. I don't know, I never hugged a girl out of blue in-front of everybody, if you ask me that's a little weird even for a guy to do. I have no idea if likes you or somebody dared him to do so. I just see no motive behind that kind of move. In private I do understand, that's a clear sign, but around friends just like that? I don't know, in fact you got me curious my self now lol


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