Does anybody know of any online dating sites where the users actively communicate frequently or at least most?

Does anybody know of any online dating sites where most of the users communicate frequently? Currently of my life online dating is pretty much the only option that I have right now so I would appreciate some help. What I'm saying is my current experiences online dating has not been a very high-quality whatsoever. It just seems that no one wants to communicate with me I'm an average looking mail with a decent profile, I would expect one intent at least all this iMessage to send me two messages in a week or two but I hasn't been happening. What I'm looking for is all in dating so that you're aware of where this is as in what I am describing as frequent messaging, I am looking for it all in dating sites where frequent messaging of girls two guys is the norm. If anybody knows of an online dating site like this let me know(:


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  • Here is a website I found that you'll probably like. It's got a lot of active singles looking for age gap relationship there.-- -- Hope it helps.

    • I came across meetloverepeat. com and it seemed really cool to me.. It's a website for casual dating with descriptions (stories) of past dates from the users, so you know what you get! I hope this helps, good luck :)

    • I personally use dating service. It works absolutely great for me and totally meets my needs. I've never got ignored like on other dating websites.

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  • Ok Cupid?



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  • It is very common that women do not initiate contact with guys. Women tend to get a lot of messages from guys, so they are very particular as to who they will respond to. Why? Because they can be. Plus a lot of the guys, regardless of what they profile says are just looking to get laid.

    Many women also think if they make first contact it can make them appear easy.

    As for frequent communication? I can't say one is better than the other.

    But when I used dating sites I liked Lava Life.


  • Are you talking about first contact messaging, or more back and forth?

    • Definitely more back-and-forth

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    • Where do you know them at.

    • online *daters.

      I meant 'coworkers I know who use online dating successfully'